Summer is here! Is your skin ready? Our Goats Milk soap has you covered.

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Well, if you haven't hit the beach you just might be taking cover during these dog days of summer. However, we all know it is not possible to hideout in our homes forever and we must brave those vicious rays at some point. Did you know that our soaps are specially blended and designed for skin that exposed to the Arizona sun?

Yes! In fact our soaps are PH Balanced between (7.5-8.5), made with mineral and vitamin rich, goats milk glycerin butterfat, coconut oil and the highest quality distilled vegetable glycerin available on the market. Then comes the really good part, we add all-natural products to further enhance your skin. Such as antioxidant rich plants, botanicals, herbs, and essential oils.

So make sure you do everything to protect your skin against the damaging exposure this summer, grab a bar of our Aloe Vera Orange, Pomegranate Eucalyptus, Coconut Fragrance Oil or Arizona Creosote soap today! https://lennassoaps.com/blogs




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  • Jack on

    Sounds great! Can’t wait to try mine when they arrive.

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