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Lemon Soap: Lemon Hand Soap, Lemon Bar Soap, Lemon Soap Bar

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Lemon soap. As an native to Arizona, you can't help but find yourself immersed in the abundant sunshine. Made with zest, essential oil, vegetable glycerin and goats milk. Our handmade lemon bars embody he natural beauty of our land, concentrated into a bright 4.5 ounce bar.

This hand bar will tone, cleanse and moisturize your skin. All of our lemon soaps come nicely packaged when they arrive and are perfect as ready-made gifts. 

INGREDIENTS: Vegetable glycerin, goats milk, essential oil, organic zest, water, natural color.

BENEFITS: Great natural cleanser, abundant antioxidants for revitalization and toning skin.

HAND SIZE: Roughly: 3.75L x 1.5W x 1.25"H

STANDARD BAR SIZE: Roughly: 3.75L x 2.5W x .75"H

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