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Unscented Soap: Unscented Soap Bar, Goat Milk Bar Soap, Pure Goat Soap

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Unscented Soap. You have asked, we have now delivered. Our goat milk soap bars are the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin. Made with mineral rich, 100% vegetable glycerin based goats milk soap.

Our creamy 4.5 ounce bars are perfect for the entire body, including the face. Free of fragrance oils and essential oils. Each bar is skin moisturizing mineral rich.

Made to balance skin PH for even the most skin sensitive individuals around. So go ahead and grab a bar today, your skin will love you for it. Each soap bar comes nicely wrapped when it arrives and is perfect as a ready-made gift.

BENEFITS: Naturally PH balanced. Contains alpha hydroxy acids which promotes dead skin removal, contains many vitamins and minerals.

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