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Arizona Gift Soap: Arizona Shaped Soap, Arizona Soap, Goat Milk Soap

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If you are like me, you just love Arizona! Our hand poured, state shaped soaps are made with goat milk, vegetable glycerin and essential oils. They embody our beautiful state and embody the primary fruits grown right here. Each bar is made with locally grown orange peel, lemon zest and aloe vera plant.

Each 4.5 ounce soap bar will make the perfect impression in your guest bathroom or kitchen. This set comes nicely packaged when they arrive and are perfect as ready-made gifts. 

(1) 4.5oz Orange Poppyseed Citrus
(1) 4.5oz Lemon Zest Citrus
(1) 4.5oz Aloe Vera Orange Bar

INGREDIENTS: Green & Blue Aloe plant, poppyseed, organic lemon zest, essential oils, organic zest, goats milk, vegetable glycerin and natural colorant.

Roughly: 3L x 3W x .75"H

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