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Lemon Sugar Soap: Lemon Cake Soap, Lemon Soap Bar, Frosted Lemon Soap

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Lemon sugar soap. Whatever your sinful indulgences may be. Frosting, cream, butter, vanilla or meringue. This bar has it all covered. Our sweet fragrance oil is locked into our 4.5 ounce soaps. Made with the purest vegetable glycerin, goats milk, fragrance oil and a small blast of organic zest for good measure.


So whether you are throwing a fun party, birthday shopping, searching for decorative wedding favors or just looking to spoil your body. These decorative beauties are your blissful dream come true! Each 4.5 ounce soap is individually wrapped and is perfect as a ready-made gift upon arrival.


PRODUCT NOTE: Due to the nature of our fragrance oil, this product will darken from a solid yellow to a darkish yellow/light brown as it cures. 


MEASUREMENTS: Roughly: 3.75L x 2.5W x .75"H

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