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Soap Sale: Clearance Soap, Clearance Soaps, Soap Clearance

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Soap Sale. These are mishaps, old seasonal scents, faded in color or simply have been been siting around awhile. They could also be dented from a short fall or simply miss-ordered items that need a new home. Regardless, they perform just like new. The great thing is that you get to enjoy them for much, much less. Now here's the catch.

We send you FOUR, 4 ounce soap bars of our choosing, for $10.99, plus shipping. That's $2.75 per bar folks!! Each bar will have its own separate scent and style. You just let us know if you prefer essential oil blends, fragrance oil blends or you can simply let us decide for you. 

PRODUCT NOTE: Fragrance oil soaps are not intended for facial use.

SHIPPING NOTE: In regard to final shipping estimates at checkout. If applicable, we will always refund any cost difference back to you when your product ships.










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